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Selamat Datang di Website Lagu123.xyz

Silahkan Cari Lagu dengan Mengetikkan Nama Penyanyi + Judul lagu atau Nama Penyanyi atau Judul lagu di Kolom Search, Kemudian Tekan Tombol Search untuk pengguna Desktop / Laptop. Sedangkan Pengguna Mobile silahkan Ketik di Kolom “Type Song or singer”. Lihat dahulu preview videonya sebelum mendownloadnya (Video Lagu hanya di tampilkan di Mode Desktop / Laptop) . Kami tidak menyimpan lagu mp3 di hosting kami. Jika ada link rusak kami bukan penanggung jawab akan hal tersebut. Gunakan lagu123.xyz Hanya sebagai pratinjau saja, jangan lupa untuk menghapus lagu yang telah didownload setelah mendengarkan dan beli cd orisinal lagu tersebut untuk mendukung artis yang bersangkutan

Lagu Terbaru


This is the one we were hoping for,She loves while he liesShe held his back all the way now her arms so tiredWhy didn't he stay?This is the one we were hoping forHe cries when she lovesHe laughs his way down to when he'll realizeNow he will saySay you weren't cool, say you weren't fine, Say you weren't tough enough, strong enough for my love?Say you weren't cool, say[...]


The day is longToo many hours to killIt's alright to let a few minutes spillWhere's the crime in wasting time with youNo need to run when the pistols fireIt's alright just let the meter expireWhere's the crime in wasting time with you People love to talk about the big things they're gonna doBut we've been through it allWe can just remove ourselves We don't have to prove ourselves Worthy[...]

CITY AND COLOUR This Sudden Injury

Stay the night, and I promise I won’t dieWithout you there and I can’t and I can’t close my eyesBut I can’t leave myself tonightAnd I was still lost insideAnd now waiting for everythingTo fall into placeWaiting for everythingTo fallMost nights I cry myself awakeAnd she waits, my love, my love falls awayWell I sit alone, again todayWonder why everything went this wayAnd now waiting for everythingTo fall into[...]


Wait,I have to tellYou somethingImportantStayRemain close to meSo I can feel importantCause it’s your eyes, I don’t believeAnd my heart you will misleadDo you know the consequences, my love?That comes with such confidenceHolding all the weight in my lifeNow you turn and walk away from meHolding all the weight in my lifeNow you turn and walk away from meSo what is this now, you ask of meWhat makes your[...]


In better days I've been known to listenI go to waste all my time is missingI'm mapping out my ending,it's never gonna happen nowThese things are condescendingwith everybody backing downYou pray to stars that can help you get byAnd all at once you forget to tryI'd go there if you let me,they're never gonna find me nowMy life is always emptyand in and out of doubtYour not coming back[...]


Ten thousand times I will screamover and over until you notice meuntil my voice breaksand all this heartacheTen thousand times I will screamover and over until you notice meuntil my voice breaksand all this heartachegently fades awaySo where are the pictures, of you and meput them aside for no one else to seeafraid of what they might saynot if my heart breaksat least I have your yesterdayIs there something[...]


I wanna settle downI wanna settle downWon't you settle down with me?Settle downWe can settle at a tableA table for twoWon't you wine and dine with me?Settle downI wanna raise a childI wanna raise a childWon't you raise a child with me?Raise a childWe'll call her NebraskaNebraska JonesShe'll have your noseJust so you knowI wanna settle downI wanna settle downWon't you settle down with me?Settle downRun from Angela VickersI[...]

CITY AND COLOUR Nowhere, Texas

Down in Nowhere, TexasAlong the highway forty-fiveThere's ghostly stretch of roadWhere it's hard to stay aliveSouth, towards GalvestonYoung girl stayed disappearedWhere the desert sands turn into the wastelandThe air is thick with the scent of fearHunting in the killing fieldsSmall-town country boys do their worstNo one knows how far it goesIt seems that the bayou has become a world of hurtCollete's body was discoveredIn November of nineteen seventy-oneThen one[...]

CITY AND COLOUR Missing (Serravalle)

So, now you're not thereBut your ghost still burns in the airFinally above us the waves have come To take you awayAnd with this song, I'll say goodbyeAnd thank you for what you've done to my lifeAnd Finally I'll say it with loveI hope you're at rest in the stars aboveAnd I don't understand what you died forWe still could have given so much moreAnd I know you are[...]