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Silahkan Cari Lagu dengan Mengetikkan Nama Penyanyi + Judul lagu atau Nama Penyanyi atau Judul lagu di Kolom Search, Kemudian Tekan Tombol Search untuk pengguna Desktop / Laptop. Sedangkan Pengguna Mobile silahkan Ketik di Kolom “Type Song or singer”. Lihat dahulu preview videonya sebelum mendownloadnya (Video Lagu hanya di tampilkan di Mode Desktop / Laptop) . Kami tidak menyimpan lagu mp3 di hosting kami. Jika ada link rusak kami bukan penanggung jawab akan hal tersebut. Gunakan lagu123.xyz Hanya sebagai pratinjau saja, jangan lupa untuk menghapus lagu yang telah didownload setelah mendengarkan dan beli cd orisinal lagu tersebut untuk mendukung artis yang bersangkutan

Lagu Terbaru

ADAM GREGORY Never Be Another

You're the light that lights my wayOn the rainy nightsYou're the road that's headed homeWhen it's bitter outsideYou're the hand that I holdWhen I'm scared of the darkThere'll never ever be another youI could search my whole life throughIt's no use, all roads lead me to youThere'll never be another youYou're the first warm breath of springWhen the winter endsYou're my secret hiding placeWhen the world is closing inYou're[...]


I keep my heart on my chestNot on my sleeve.Can she read my mind? And see right through me?Is it to soon? Would everything change?What if she don't say it back?Oh, but what if she feels the same?Just say itJust say itStop thinking all these crazy thoughtsLook her in the eyes, be a man for onceJust say itLife is way to short To be draggin' this onIf I don't[...]


Mhmhm oh yeahI don't need no mornin' coffee babyTo make my eyes open upThe buzz that I've been wakin' with latelyCant be poured in a coffee cupNever had a need so strongOr one to last this longBaby, I must be addictedHeaven knows I cant get enoughIts crazy, I could be convicted,They could take a key and lock me upThat's probably what they'd do, girl I'm so high on youOh[...]


Just laid it all out on the lineToo late to take it back this timeThe silence here is deafeningSo afraid of what she’s thinkingDid I just scare her off or make her mine?Her beautiful eyes just keep on looking at meAnd time stood stillI’m starting to understand eternityHow does she feel?Will she laugh and maybe call me crazy?Say adios, goodbye babyPlease god let her love me, give me a[...]


i see your tearsi hear your wordsgirl, i feel how much this hurtsi know you can't, see it now,but i promise you, somehowits gonna be beautifulits gonna be easyits gonna be magicits gonna be healingthere's a place you're meant to be,but its somewheredown the road from mei ask god, what do i do? whats the best way i can love you? he said, son, you gotta[...]


What makes you hurt? What makes you smile?What calms your nerves? What drives you wild?I wanna know, I wanna understandWhat it takes to be your manWhat's your favorite color? What's your favorite song?If I sing it to you would you sing along?I need to know, I gotta understandWhat it takes to be your manWhat you want, what you need, baby tell me everythingThere ain't nothin' I don't wanna know'Cause[...]


She was beautiful, on my best day I was average.She was a goddess and I didn't have a prayer.So how does a boy like me get through to a girl like her, way up there?I've got a good chance of never getting her attention.An even better chance that she'll walk right by.I need to make a plan, try something new thats bullet proof,to catch her eye.Do I need to[...]


Baby, lets take a drive, top downUnderneath the Carolina skyWe can watch the firefliesTry to outshine the starsI wanna lay a blanket downFind a way backTo where our love was foundBaby, lets go right nowBack to our heartsBeating wildIn the back of my beat up truckBack to those butterfliesFirst time we felt in loveBack to your smiling eyesCome on, baby, take my handLet's find a way back to our[...]

ADAM GREGORY Comin' Home To You

drivin' down an open roadthere's nothin' on the radiothe windshield wipers keeping timeI'm thinking back when you were mineheavy feelin' in my soulhopin' i won't lose controlbut baby if i doi'm comin' home to youfrom arkansas to timbuctui'd never stop i'd go right throughforty days and forty nightshave rained down on my paradisewhat am i suppose to dogive me strength to make it throughone more sleepless nighti'm comin' home[...]