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Silahkan Cari Lagu dengan Mengetikkan Nama Penyanyi + Judul lagu atau Nama Penyanyi atau Judul lagu di Kolom Search, Kemudian Tekan Tombol Search untuk pengguna Desktop / Laptop. Sedangkan Pengguna Mobile silahkan Ketik di Kolom “Type Song or singer”. Lihat dahulu preview videonya sebelum mendownloadnya (Video Lagu hanya di tampilkan di Mode Desktop / Laptop) . Kami tidak menyimpan lagu mp3 di hosting kami. Jika ada link rusak kami bukan penanggung jawab akan hal tersebut. Gunakan lagu123.xyz Hanya sebagai pratinjau saja, jangan lupa untuk menghapus lagu yang telah didownload setelah mendengarkan dan beli cd orisinal lagu tersebut untuk mendukung artis yang bersangkutan

Lagu Terbaru

AALIYAH You Messed Up

Whaa?I'm back[verse1]You don't say that I'm prettyAll these simple thingsAdding up to big onesThere is where you messed upNo movies or flowersHours not knowingWhereyou are or who you're withThere is where you messed up[Chorus]You keep on actin' likeI really need a brotherMan I don't need a brotherBetter get you're ish togetherCan't keep on holding onWaitin'for you And baby there is where you messed upYou keep on actin like Ireally[...]


What if.. every guy I sawWhat if.. sitting down at the barWhat if.. I told him to give me a callWhat if.. what if, what if, what ifWhat if.. every guy in the placeWhat if.. was all up in my faceWhat if.. what would you sayWhat if.. what if, what if, what ifI hate a jealous man, one who doesn't understandThat I'm attractive so of course men wanna take[...]

AALIYAH Those Were The Days

We Ain't Lovers No MoreWe Don't Laugh No MoreWe Don't Play No MoreWe Don't Make-Up No MoreWe Don't Kiss No MoreWe Don't Hug No MoreYou Don't Please Me No MoreYou Don't Touch No MoreGive Me Chills No MoreWe Don't Go Out No MoreWe Don't Kick It No MoreWe Don't Dance No MoreI Remember Walking Through The ParkJust Shooting The BreezeKissing In The ShadeThose Were The DaysLounging In The DenBreakfast[...]


Ohhhh no... ohh, oh... mmmmOh... ohhhh...Maybe I'm just wrong for feelin the way I doThoughts indecent, want to put those down to youI know you have a girl, I don't want to tieWhen you're free one night just make those hours mineI can be another woman in your lifeI can be the other reason you're out at nightI can be all the things you thought she mightI can be[...]

AALIYAH It's Whatever

It's WhateverIt's WhateverWhatever...Just Like The BirdsThat Whistle In The TreesAt Peace So HappilyWell, You're My TreeAnd Through My StormsYou Have Stood Strong For MeKept Me Warm As Can BeLike A Candy, To An AppleOh, We Go TogetherYour So Sweet On MeI Can Say That I Do BelieveThis Is DestinyIt Keeps Calling MeNow It's Me And YouIt's You And MeAnd It's WhateverWhatever You Want It To BeI'm Telling YouIf It's[...]


This Is Where I've Got To Draw The LineCause I Refuse To Let You Think You Can Play With My MindAlways Seems That You Think That I'm BlindCauses There Always Certain Times When Your Hard To FindYour On The Go, I'm On The Go, Were On The GoI Can't Catch You No More, Can't See You No MoreAnd It No Longer Can Be IgnoredCause At Once Upon A Time[...]

AALIYAH You Got Nerve

uhuh c'monwatch outuh c'monoh oh.....Gave you chances on top of chancesOpportunities taken for grantedMy reality is all your exshalitiesCause insanity Why you askin'me?Took my kindness for a sign of weaknessMy own blindness cause my sadnessNo longer am a slave over your madnessI am glad it's finally overWho do you think you are now?I can't believe you've got the nerve boyWho do you think you are now?I can't believe you've[...]

AALIYAH Read Between The Lines

Late afternoon, the sun's going downI ca-ca-call on your cell (why's he in such a hurry)Leaving the room, he's mumbling, tooAsking for his shoes, (just leaving outt he blue)No explanation, no actual locationJust watching him pacing (wonder who he's stressing)Little conversation, leavin' no debation, he left the door swingin'You better open your mi-in-indTo read between the linesYou gotta read between the lines-inesYou gotta read between the li-inesYou gotta read[...]

AALIYAH Extra Smooth

(So:)He Got Big Brown Eyes, So He Look Nice(Ooh:)Coming On Strong, Six Pack Showin'(Ohh:)He's Too Cool, For His Own Shoes(Umm:)Nothing Rude, But Way Too Sure For MeHe Tryin' To BeExtra Smooth, Extra Smooth(Ohh:)Extra Cool, Extra Cute(Ahh:)If I'm Supposed To Talk To YouBe Your Boo (Be Your Boo, Be Your Boo)Don't Come Trying To Be Extra Smooth(So:)He Got Line For Line Wasting My Time(Ooh:)Running Round Tryin' To Catch My Eye(Eye:)Disturbing[...]