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Selamat Datang di Website Lagu123.xyz

Silahkan Cari Lagu dengan Mengetikkan Nama Penyanyi + Judul lagu atau Nama Penyanyi atau Judul lagu di Kolom Search, Kemudian Tekan Tombol Search untuk pengguna Desktop / Laptop. Sedangkan Pengguna Mobile silahkan Ketik di Kolom “Type Song or singer”. Lihat dahulu preview videonya sebelum mendownloadnya (Video Lagu hanya di tampilkan di Mode Desktop / Laptop) . Kami tidak menyimpan lagu mp3 di hosting kami. Jika ada link rusak kami bukan penanggung jawab akan hal tersebut. Gunakan lagu123.xyz Hanya sebagai pratinjau saja, jangan lupa untuk menghapus lagu yang telah didownload setelah mendengarkan dan beli cd orisinal lagu tersebut untuk mendukung artis yang bersangkutan

Lagu Terbaru


Roll, Roll, woooHey, ho (hey, ho)I'm always out of controlSteady moving this is how we rollOnly streets know where we goCause I ain't got to stay in one place[ABK]The wheels on a bus go round and roundSmokin' different weed from town to townI guess I'll see you when I get thereHave it rolled up cause you know how I love them blunts[Esham]Man, I got 10's and 20's whatever you[...]


As these words are turning I keep thinking this will never end.At times I get lonely and I need someone to confide in.Always under pressure and I never take time to relax.Sometimes I just wish I could collapse.But then I'd miss you.Why do I feel this way? Someone help me, someone tell me.Why do I feel this way? Or is it all just built in my head?Why do I[...]

ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) 2 Whom This May Concern

[Repeat x2]Do I really wanna see so cleareven though I know bad things might appearTell me that it's not a waste of timeTo ride around and stare up here to try and clear my mindI was asked this question, not too far back Did you ever think that you would be where you at? Small child, state of mind, knew I wouldplus the sound of the drum from the[...]


[Chorus]What's with the self-inflicted pain? (I can't help it!) How come everytime I see you around you act strange? (I can't help it!) Why do you trip at the sight of a hater? (I can't help it!) And then slit they throat with a rusty ass razor? (I can't help it!) As I sit back and think 'bout what to do next I start to reminisce about my life[...]


I put my life on my music and everything around me Streets that I was raised on, livin' on so ruggedly So I decided way back in the day That I'm gonna try and take whateva comes my way You know, by workin' hard to get mine, payin' dues Tryna make it through, and outsmart some fools It's been a long time since I got to sit up straight[...]


[First Chorus]Charlie Brown, please, don't come around Because your weed is doodoo brown and it smells like the ground You're still my homie (but no more bammer) But with that weed you don't know me When I inhale this, the staleness creeps up on me I love weed, especially when it gets me gaspin' Coughin' up a lung from that passion Graspin' onto life with every hit that I[...]


[Chorus]Oh no! Oh, oh oh oh no! Ain't nothin holdin me back now, holding me back now! Oh no! Oh, oh oh oh no! Ain't nothin holdin me back now, holding me back now! Oh no muthafucka, suck up that lip! Beause I'm back in this bitch and I'm ready to trip! So I hope u never doubted me, cause here I am Packed in ya eardrum, like a[...]

ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) It Doesn't Matta

[Anybody Killa]It doesn't matter what you say anymore, Things you do don't amaze me so, now I see you like you passed on Don't nothing last long, shit ain't forever Whatever you thinkin' of, there's always something ten times better Don't mean to bust your bubble, sink your boat But if you dive in, and can't swim, you ain't gonna float It's like, some people try as hard as[...]


A mind is a terrible thing to waste High school reunion wouldn't show my face I was always looked at a little different And I got blamed for everything, even if I ain't do the shit It was hectic, a total fuckin' nightmare A room full of preps, and one thug with braided hair Runnin' through the halls screamin' Fuck all ya'll! Brass knuckle punch jackin' all[...]