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Silahkan Cari Lagu dengan Mengetikkan Nama Penyanyi + Judul lagu atau Nama Penyanyi atau Judul lagu di Kolom Search, Kemudian Tekan Tombol Search untuk pengguna Desktop / Laptop. Sedangkan Pengguna Mobile silahkan Ketik di Kolom “Type Song or singer”. Lihat dahulu preview videonya sebelum mendownloadnya (Video Lagu hanya di tampilkan di Mode Desktop / Laptop) . Kami tidak menyimpan lagu mp3 di hosting kami. Jika ada link rusak kami bukan penanggung jawab akan hal tersebut. Gunakan lagu123.xyz Hanya sebagai pratinjau saja, jangan lupa untuk menghapus lagu yang telah didownload setelah mendengarkan dan beli cd orisinal lagu tersebut untuk mendukung artis yang bersangkutan

Lagu Terbaru

KSI Lamborghini

Got rocks on my wrist, that shit you can't resistCash flow greater than the haters hating on my jizzRiding in your face, looking like I found a damn genieRiding in my LamborghiniLa-Lamborghini, La-LamborghiniBitch, I know you see me in my LamborghiniLa-Lamborghini, La-LamborghiniRide so quick, you would think I'm HoudiniBeen in the game since NamcoBring it back, I'm fully gassed, yoVroom, vroom, in my brand new LamboJuiced up, and I[...]

KSI Encore

[Hook - KSI:]So can I get a fucking encore? (Yeah, yeah, yeah)Can I get a fucking encore? (Yeah, yeah, yeah)Can I get a fucking encore? (Yeah, motherfucker, motherfucker)Can I get a fucking encore? (Shit, shit, oh)[Verse 1 - KSI:]The hype man is hereStarted from FIFA to top of the tierGot all of these stacks How did you do it? is all that I hearMan’s doing everythingGoing from BRITS[...]

KSI Lambo Refuelled

[KSI:]Fuck the rocks, man upgraded to a HublotTwenty million later, still dismissing like I'm PlutoStill I'm going every time they come and see meStill I'm going, wiling in my Lamborghini[Hook - KSI:]La-Lamborghini, La-LamborghiniBitch, I know you see me in my LamborghiniLa-Lamborghini, La-LamborghiniRide so quick, you would think I'm Houdini[Verse 1 - KSI:]Round 2 motherfucker, still I'm riding low[?] with Tron cause you know I got that chenga flowHe goes[...]

KSI Kilimanjaro

KilimanjaroKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKiliman-Kiliman-KilimanjaroKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKiliman-KilimanKilimanjaro at the top like a PharaohVerified chicks want a follow for a followAsking for my P what the fuck you trying to borrowAiming at your knee when I'm springing out my arrowCome fuck with meCome fuck with meFuck up your spreeNo time to fleeTimber what I call when I push down a tree (Timber)I don't care if Gudjon or LeeKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKilimanjaroKiliman-KilimanDone with all the past now I'm all about[...]

KSI Smoke 'N' Mirrors

[Tiggs Da Author:]Look at myself I see my faceIn blurry visions everydaySmoke 'n' mirrorsBlind me from the waySmoke 'n' mirrorsBlind me from the way[KSI:]I see your hidden agendaHad to send me shit, but I'm killing the senderRiding on my shit, then I left it to renderAnd nigga I'm the shit, came up with the SlenderMan, I'm on a high oneCounting all my worries (Oh no, I've got none)Counting all[...]

KSI Keep Up

[Kayleigh Morris:]What's going on these days? People are getting famous from YouTube?I mean, have you heard of that guy, KSI?Apparently he's got millions of subscribers, and a book, and a movie, and a Lamborghini, and a song about a Lamborghini.Who the hell are the Sidemen? All over my timeline. The world's going crazy!All-all-all-all we really wanna know is can you keep up?Keep up, can you can you keep up?Keep[...]

DAVID BOWIE Velvet Goldmine

You got crazy legs, you got amazin' headYou got rings on your fingers and your hair's hot redYou got the width of my tongue name on the sunI clutch you close to my breastCause you're the only one, who uses school to pleasureYou make me act real gone, you make me troll alongI had to ravish your capsule, suck you dryFeel the teeth in your bones, heal ya head[...]


Skin dance back at the condo,Skin heads getting to school,Beating on Blacks with a baseball bat,Racism back in rule,White trash picking up Nazi flags,While you was gone, there was war,This is the West, get used to it,They put a swastika over the door,Under the God, under the God,One step over the red line,Under the God, under the God,Ten steps over the crazy crazy,Washington heads in the toilet bowl,Don't see[...]

DAVID BOWIE The Laughing Gnome

I was walking down the high street,When I heard footsteps behind me.And there was a little old man (Hello!)In scarlet and gray, chuckling awayWell he trotted back to my houseAnd he sat beside the telly (Ahh!)With his tiny hands on his tummyChuckling away, laughing all day I ought to report you to the Gnome Office. Gnome Office? Ahahahah! Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, heeI'm a laughing gnome and[...]